Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nexian G905 Beat TV

Nexian BeatTV G905 Facebook Phone With Bluetooth, FM Radio And TV Analog

Right, it turn to see the cheapest of the latest Nexian Facebook phone series, Nexian BeatTV, after seeing Nexian Speed 2 W750 and Nexian TeleMAX 7909.The same as the others, Nexian BeatTV G905 also gets promo until April 10 by providing Free Facebook for 3 months.
Beside Facebook application, Nexian BeatTV G905 is also called TV phone due to support TV Analog.

The key features and specifications of Nexian BeatTV G905:
-Analog TV
-FM Radio
-Video Player
-Audio Player
-Nexian Zero Noise (Noise Suppression Technology)
-Dual GSM 900/1800MHz
-2.2 inch QVGA Color LCD
-2.0 MP Camera
-Supports JAVA
-Supports External Memory
-Language : English – Indonesian
-12-month Warranty

-NMC Player
-Social Media (facebook, twitter)
-Nexian Messenger
-Nexian Zone
-Internet Browser
-Yahoo! Messenger
-Yahoo! Mobile

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