Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BlackBerry 9800

It is always exciting to talk about blackberry proudcts, including this full BlackBerry 9800 Torch review article.
The success story of Blackberry curve and bold one proof that Blackberry phones are great mobile phones. It is one of my best phone 2011 device.
Although if we see aggresive phone market out there, Blackberry 9800 Torch review product will have huge competent competition, let’s mention HTC, iPhone 4G, not to forget Samsung Galaxy S!

Their manufacturers company obviously try to develop all improving features, what we can see, they do have new OS, form and size, and bunch of media features which are attached on almost of their product.
Will our Blackberry 9800 Torch review device win mobile phone customer’s hearts?..

BlackBerry 9800 Torch specs and features – BlackBerry 9800 Torch review

Let’s take a look closer on BlackBerry 9800 Torch review product – black BlackBerry 9800 Torch Unlocked Phone with 5 MP Camera, Full QWERTY Keyboard, 4 GB Internal Storage.
The first thing you will spot about this phone is, it is alot similar to the bold 9700, at least from the looks and appearance.
The BlackBerry 9800 Torch review product has included the blackberry recent Blackberry 6.0 Operating System for excellent browsing, an easy to use QWERTY keyboard, using your email and messaging activities are more excting like never before.
Specs and features:
1. The size in inches, Length x Width x Height : 2.44 x 0.57 x 4.37
2. The elegant device is designed with 5.6 ounces for the weight.
3. User friendly and very convenient to use QWERTY Keyboard.
4. 3G Smartphone.
5. It has 5 megapixel (MP) Camera.
6. Wifi, Bluetooth, USB connectivity.
7. Blackberry 6.0 OS.
8. 624 MHz Processor.
9. It has 512 MB RAM.
9. 480×360 Display screen.
The Blackberry Torch 9800′s price is up to $513.99 ranks #8 in Amazon.com in unlocked phones categories.

BlackBerry 9800 Torch review — what the customers say

1. Terrible performance of browsing on the web.
2. The battery life is very soon dropping if you use it to browse much using internet.
3. The keyboard on touch screen s*cks, when you press some key, it is often displaying the key below.
4. It is not easy to take a picture of yourself, because it does not have a small mirror next to the camera.

The The Blackberry Torch 9800 review product is really a device that business people need. Because this phone is the most comfortable phone to do typing all the time.
If you are a person who always checks email, social media activities, any tasks that require typing, this phone is worth to recommend.
1. Great keyboard to write or do anything emails related.
2. Both slide out QWERTY keyboard and on screen keyboard are very useful, you can use either of them to type.
3. Fast working Calendar.
4. Excellent camera.
5. Long battery life.
In my experience, my blackberry’s battery is really awesome, with my old one, i can go up to 24 hours without charging, and it still works well.
Bottom line, if you are looking for a phone that great to have apps and playing games, the good choice would be iPhone 4 but if you look for a phone that you can work well with for your business, it is The Blackberry Torch 9800.

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